Commercial Law

Commercial Law is a vast, multi-disciplined area of the law which can encompass corporate law, employment law, contract law, business law, international law, landlord-tenant, and many other areas.  This page is intended to provide you, the reader, with a sample of some of the areas Berenthal & Associates, P.C. can render its services.

International Corporations

In today’s global economy, international corporations frequently seek to establish operations in the United States. New York, as the international capital of the world, is the prime location to expand your business. At Berenthal & Associates, P.C. our attorneys can help you establish a foothold in the United States. We can help guide you to choose the most efficient entity to conduct your operations in the United States (such as a corporation, or a limited liability company or a limited partnership). As your attorneys, Berenthal & Associates, P.C. can help institute the necessary business formalities required to protect the parent organization. Our attorneys can also help you navigate through the registration and filing requirements on the federal, state and local levels.


Operating a business is no easy task. Berenthal & Associates, P.C. will help insure your business is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, including but not limited to, anti-sexual harassment policies and training, wage and hour laws, workers compensation, and quarterly filings. By using us, you will be provided with the proper documentation evidencing your company’s proper conduct. At Berenthal & Associates, P.C. we can customize an employee handbook setting forth your company’s employment rules and regulations and further advise your Human Resources how to monitor compliance. For companies that do not have an HR department, Berenthal & Associates, P.C. can provide those services for you.


Having a well written contract is the best way to insure that all parties understand the terms of the agreement. Ambiguities in a contract can subject the parties up to potential litigation. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and reviewing contracts for your day to day business needs, whether it be sales/purchase contracts, services contract, or non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.